About us

Greetings, dear Formula 1 fan!

I'm Levente Chertes leader and owner of FansBRANDS.
My goal is to build an elite Formula1 community - including YOU - on the World. A community which sticks together, regardless of rivalry of teams or pilots, just because they like the very same sport: Formula 1.
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Chertes Levente
The owner of FansBRANDS

FansBRANDS F1 Store and showroom

Are you in Hungaroring Grand Prix? Visit FansBRANDS F1 Store and choose from the thousand of F1 products! Touch it, try on and make sure we sell only the best quality, original Formula 1 mechandise straight from the manufacturer!
Our address: 2600 Vác, Deákvári Fasor 6.
  • It's about 20 mins from the Hungaroring, Mogyoród
  • Free parking for our customers
  • We offer some soft drink or coffee if you are not in hurry :-)
  • We can accept only cash (HUF, EUR), or credit cards via our website.

The FansBRANDS's kind customer service

They manage your order and pack the items for you. They kindly answer your questions via email in max 1 day. Don't hesitate if you don't undestand something!
Melinda Chertesné Szőcs
Sales manager
Melinda Bereczkiné Incze
Sales teammate

FansBRANDS technical experts

They stand behind the dashboard: they are responsible for the sight, sales in the website. If day have a good day they start a BlackFriday sales any time ;-) In extreme cases the customer service ask their help. You can contact them via email directly and they help you in technical questions.
Barnabás Nyíri
Marketing manager
Tamás Jancsovics
Project manager

Which may still be needed: official information about the company

  • The name of the store: FansBRANDS
  • Official company name: Pit Box Kft. - you find this on the invoice too
  • The company's seat: Hungary, 2600 Vác, Vám utca 10.
  • Our Formula 1 showroom: Hungary, 2600 Vác, Deákvári Fasor 6.
  • EU tax number: HU23163885
  • Trade Register Identifier: 13-09-144768
  • The birthday of the company: 2011/02/16
  • Central phone number:+36 27 300 600