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Everything about FansBRANDS

Get to know the world's favourite Formula 1 store and the people behind it!


Official business information

Our slogan: "Let's bring the Formula One world together!"

Formula 1 and FansBRANDS are created for the fans and the fans keep them in their hearts. You are a part of the community that made FansBRANDS world's leading Formula 1 store and we thank you for this.

That's why we have the fans in focus and our every service are developed to be the best for them any you. Here not only do we dress you from head to toe in the latest Formula 1 fashion, but if you keep you eyes open, you can also become a member of a real Formula 1 community.

Our history - milestones - goals

- 2011 - Pit Box Ltd.

The history of FansBRANDS dates back to 2011, one of the golden eras of Formula 1, when the whole world was burning with F1 fever. Pit Box Ltd was established at that time. We introduced ourselves at the Monaco Grand Prix. By the end of the year, we started considering building a webshop...

- 2012 - our first shop - F1BOX -

Old riders can still remember us from the Danube Plaza - Budapest. F1BOX has begun to conquer fans both online and offline. But the growing didn't stop there, we needed a bigger warehouse soon ...

- 2017 - Formula1BRANDS - Vác

We moved to Vác, near the Hungarian Grand Prix Ring - Mogyoród - where we managed to create a real Formula 1 empire.

- 2019 - new era - FansBRANDS

New webshop, new name and new goals. We have launched our international stores, Facebook and Instagram, VIP Membership and other extras. From now on, there is no change just development. Improvements for all Formula 1 fans to get what they want.

- Our goals

What could be the purpose of a Formula 1 company other than conquering the hearts of F1 fans around the world? We will be the biggest F1 store and our brand will be listed alongside NASA, Apple and Amazon. This is our vision and we can go only in that direction. The question is, are you with us?

We already have more stores in different markets.

The FansBRANDS team

Alright, but who are we in the background? The team changes from time to time, but rather expands. We work hard every day to do the best we can. Occasionally, work doesn't stop at night or on weekends. Our lives revolve around Formula 1...

Chertes Levente

The founder and ownder of FansBRANDS

Chertes Levente

Chertesné Szőcs Melinda

Sales manager

Chertesné Szőcs Melinda

Nyíri Barnabás

Facebook and social manager

Nyíri Barnabás

Bereczkiné Incze Melinda

Customer service

Bereczkiné Incze Melinda

Fans' reviews

We are not hiding: You can always make a review about us everywhere (Google, Facebook or on our website). If we have the opportunity, we will ask everyone to rate us and if you have any issue, please write to us! We can only change and improve if we hear your problems.

The reviews below were not invented by us, you can find them all and more at the official source. And so many people can't be wrong...

Fast shipping worldwide

We have the best courier partners, and everything mentioned on the website is available on stock, so your order can be delivered even on following workday.

180 days money back guarantee

If, by accident, you are not satisfied with the product you get or the size doesn't fit, we can exchange it within half a year, so that is no problem.

Gift for every order

Every year we update our gifts, which you can't miss in your package. Sometimes, on special events, you can also get our most expensive gifts. Follow our newsletters... Gifts can be chosen on the cart page.

Official warranty

In case of the Formula 1 products, it is important to be noted that warranty is provided by the products manufacturer. Quality is not a matter of joke,joke; we all are aware of this.

VIP Membership

At FansBRANDS, the loyalty is rewarded: Our returning customers have the opportunity of becoming VIP Member, resulting in further 10% discount in case of almost every product.

Newsletter and GP notices

The best deals are only sent out by newsletter. No joke! Here you can choose among the best gifts. Last but not least, you will not miss a Formula 1 race, as we will send you notifications.

10.000 Formula 1 products in stock

If I were to characterize our webshop with one phrase, that would be EVERYTHING THAT IS FORMULA 1! For a bit more, I would say that we have a constant stock of thousands F1 collection for Formula 1 fans. Products come straight from the manufacturer's London workshop. Everything is genuine and under warranty. We also follow the changes in Formula 1, when a new team or driver comes or someone changes team, his fan products appear on our website first.

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FansBRANDS email

If you don't need instant answer, or for some reason we didn't reply via chat, or maybe it's the weekend, email us and we'll reply within 1 business day.

FansBRANDS Facebook page

You can also send us a message on Facebook. We also answer there because someone is comfortable there. We strive to be present in all areas, open to questions of Formula 1 society everywhere.

Official informations about FansBRANDS

Feel free to check us out if you are talking about a sure company. We don't hide any information from fans. The official FansBRANDS company information is the last word:

  • The business name: FansBRANDS - formerly F1BOX and Formula 1 Brands
  • Company name: Pit Box Ltd (Kft) - you'll find that name on your invoice
  • Company headquarters: EU, Hungary 2600 Vác, Vám utca 10.
  • Net turnover (2020): 672.885 EUR
  • Net turnover (2020): 785.000 USD
  • FansBRANDS showroom: EU Hungary 2600 Vác, Deákvári Fasor 6.
  • EU tax number: HU23163885
  • Hungarian Trade Registry Number: 13-09-144768
  • Date of opening: 15. February 2011
  • Customer service phone number: +36 27 300 600
  • Bank account
    • Bank name: Cib Bank
    • Account number (IBAN): HU49107003236845143750000005

Our partners

Over the years, we have tried many agency-like, outsourced companies. However, none of them was OK, since we wish to cooperate only with the best. Fortunately, there are some who help us achieve our goals. Of course, this does not mean that we do not look for backup in case of quality deterioration, so we would like to use this opportunity and to greet our partner as well: Thank you and we are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!


FansBRANDS is the number one NETMIX VIP client. When it comes to website development or online marketing, we just turn to them because they put a lot of energy into knowing exactly what we think and what our goals are.

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We ship packages with GLS within Europe. GLS is the largest and fastest courier service. Sure, it's more expensive for us than the rest, but we think every Formula 1 fan deserves to receive his order the following day.

UPS logo

UPS is GLS's big brother: Next day shipping anywhere in the world. And we do expect them to provide us with an exclusive service for such exclusive products.

Ace Telecom logo

The leading internet and telephone services provider in Hungary. It is important to note this too, because without a secure connection, communication with our followers would be impeded, and this is unacceptable.