Updated: 25/04/2023

PETITION for Hamilton: "GIVE BACK what was taken from him!"

Lewis Hamilton's fans are not only hard to forget, they are also tenacious and fanatical: for example, they have now taken it into their heads to launch a petition to take away Max Verstappen's "unjust" 2021 title.


The despicable effort has already reached 100,000 signatures, and we hope Felipe Massa has joined in (...). Last week we told you that Massa was all fired up to reclaim the world title he never won. Now, the Brazilian's efforts have inspired Hamilton fans to launch a new petition after 2021 to get their favourite back what was "taken away"...


The elemental power of the last World Championship lost/won, the FIA's bungling and the subsequent messaging is shown by the fact that 100,000 people clicked on the Change.org campaign almost instantly. The latter is not a coincidence, since the initiative will clearly have no consequences beyond interaction, just as Felipe Massa should not discredit himself with further hysteria.



Photo by Getty Images