Updated: 24/04/2023

Russell: "We have made great progress, we have found the right direction"

After a poor performance in the opening race, everyone was clearly burying the Mercedes team, but today the tables were turned. So much so, that Lewis Hamilton has now taken the podium in the Australian Grand Prix.


According to the team, this is just the beginning, and after Toto Wolff's positive comments, George Russell and James Allison are now predicting a huge improvement!


"The fact is that we've accelerated and improved more in the last two or three weeks than we did in the whole winter preparation period. We were going in the wrong direction before, but that trend has been reversed as we can now say that we have found the right direction! This is not a coincidence, we are working hard and if everything works as it should, we can expect to make serious progress!" - said Russell.



Allison echoes the sentiments of the pilot, who has done a lot behind the scenes to help his employer get out of the hole:


"As well as upgrading the downforce, we are also looking to add other components to improve. We're working on new suspension components to try and improve the handling, and if it works, our riders will be able to push the limits even more. We're also doing ongoing simulation work to give the drivers the best possible set-up of the car. But most importantly, we've found something in the previous wind tunnel data that will really allow us to make some serious improvements. We're working on exploiting that in Azerbaijan." - said the technical director.


Photo by Getty Images