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I think it happened to you too that you needed a bag where the most important things would fit in when you are going on a longer trip. We proudly present the BMW bag range from FansBRANDS.


Just like the majority of BMW products, the bags are manufactured also by Puma, which influences both quality and composition due to the very strict quality control. But let’s see what such a BMW bag is useful for: if you finished school and don’t use it to make school mates envious, there are countless possibilities.


  • Is perfect as school bag
  • For trip, when you have to pack survival items
  • In the car, on the right seat, stuffed for a travel
  • It can be ideal as sport bag for workout
  • For shopping, instead of a shopping bag (long live plastic elimination!)
  • At work, with laptop and buttie inside.

The bags are available in different sizes and configurations. You can find the dimensions measured by us in the description or in the product name. Being a multifunctional accessory, if you have questions, call our customer service and we will take into our hands, measure and test it so you are not disappointed when wrapping it out.

Puma and BMW ally every year to create a range according to the actual trend and our experience shows that they succeed. The bags are updated every year, so if you like a model, don’t hesitate too long because it will be sold out and will not be anymore! Order now, as long as available ;-)