Fernando Alonso: "Monaco, Hungaroring, Singapore we will win one of them!"

More often and more frequently, Fernando Alonso talks about when Aston Martin will score its first race win.


As was to be expected, the race in Emilia will not be held in the current emergency situation, so Formula 1 has (perhaps...) cancelled the race in time, in consultation with the local authorities.

ALONSO: "I was so bored, I watched Verstappen on the screen"

Fernando Alonso was back on the podium at the Miami Grand Prix after missing out in Baku. The Spaniard practically drove everything out of his Aston Martin, but it was "only" enough to keep the Mercedes behind.

Miami Grand Prix - Verstappen also takes a smooth victory from the centre...

The race, which took place in the evening Hungarian time, was preceded by a series of showers and thunderstorms that erased the rubber that had been applied during the rest of the weekend. It could have been a thriller if... Max Verstappen hadn't taken a clean sweep.

Press: FERRARI is fed up with Sainz

Disturbing news from Maranello. While rumours are swirling that Charles Leclerc is heading to Mercedes, Carlos Sainz could be on the move. Not willingly, though...

PETITION for Hamilton: "GIVE BACK what was taken from him!"

Lewis Hamilton's fans are not only hard to forget, they are also tenacious and fanatical: for example, they have now taken it into their heads to launch a petition to take away Max Verstappen's "unjust" 2021 title.

Aston Martin: "Our success is also Sebastian Vettel's SENSE!"

The biggest surprise of 2023 will undoubtedly be the brilliance of Aston Martin and especially Fernando Alonso. The Spanish world champion is soaring back to his best days, and his success is a little bit like that of his former rival.

Russell: "We have made great progress, we have found the right direction"

After a poor performance in the opening race, everyone was clearly burying the Mercedes team, but today the tables were turned. So much so, that Lewis Hamilton has now taken the podium in the Australian Grand Prix.

EX driver: "Verstappen has only two rivals"

Well, we've already guessed that Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, and if we want to be very, very optimistic, then max. Sergio Perez...