Mercedes Umbrella (golf or compact)

A real Mercedes fan cannot be stopped by rain. It is time to prepare for the rain with a brand new Mercedes umbrella. This is not an umbrella of the type „turning inside out at the smallest wind” or „we don't fit under it”...

The Mercedes umbrella fights the elements and two people fit under it and it does look good, too ;-) Somebody who has a such umbrella can hardly wait for the rain so he can take it into town.

The largest is really large – nor your back or your shoes will get wet and two persons fit under it easily. The compact one is smaller but retractable; thus, it fits into the bag. Just don't forget it somewhere (it is not thrown away because anybody is happy for a Mercedes umbrella! :-) The choice is simple: small, large, red or black? Solve once and for all the issue of bad weather!

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