Order by phone: Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM (UTC+2)

Only in Hungarian, English and Romanian.

If you don’t have access to the internet right now, or you just feel safer ordering your favourite products by phone, or maybe you would like to know more about the product, its size or anything, then feel free to contact us at one of the phone numbers listed below!


Important: We do not accept SMS messages

  • You cannot place an order via SMS message!
  • You cannot cancel an order via SMS message!
  • Please use our form if you want to cancel an order!!

Number for orders by phone

Central phone number: +36 27 300 600

Our phone number in Romania: +40 316 312 751

We eagerly await your call and will answer any questions on workdays, during working hours from 9 AM to 4 PM. Orders by phone and customer service are not available on weekends and rest days.

Procedure for ordering by phone

  1. After introducing yourself, you tell us what product you’ve chosen or are looking for. We can only identify products by their product numbers (SKU), featured right next to/below the product. With this number, we can easily find the common ground we are looking for and identify your product.
  2. Our associate verifies if the product you’ve selected is in stock, and they will inform us regarding the expected delivery time.
  3. We need the following information to place an order:
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Mobile phone number
    • Delivery address: ZIP code, City, Street and house number
    • Tax exempt number for companies
    • Invoice names and addresses can be provided separately
  4. You will receive a confirmation email for all successful orders, which will include the details of your order.
  5. We will issue a VAT invoice for all orders, which will also be sent to you by email.


  • You will receive a confirmation email for your order, where you can see for yourself that the product ordered was indeed the one you’ve selected.
  • For orders by phone, the only payment method available is cash-on-delivery, which has an additional processing fee of +490 HUF (~1,33 EUR).
  • When placing the order, we will create an account for you on our website, so you can track the status of your order. Our associate will tell you your account password, which you can change at any time.
  • On the day of delivery, the courier service will notify you via email and SMS (SMS is available only in Hungary) regarding the expected time of delivery.