Returns and refunds

With our 180-day return guarantee, you have virtually half a year to return your order.

Why is this good for you?

For example, if you were to order a Formula 1 gift for someone, you might want to pre-order it when it is available, because it could run out at any moment. If your friend or famlily member doesn't like the gift, you will send it back and we will change it or refund the price. Isn't it great?

When can you apply for a change or refund service?

  • If you are not satisfied with the product you receive.
  • If the size doesn't fit.
  • If the product is damaged during shipment (To prove this, you will need to make a video of the opening of the package, which shows you are examining the products received)
  • If the product is defective despite our inspection before we ship the package. This is already a warranty issue.
  • Also a warranty problem if any damage occurs to the product despite the intended use in accordance with the instructions (eg: zipper breaks, stitching looses)
  • Due to damage caused by improper use of the product, we cannot and will not replace the product (for example: worn or broken shoes, torn t-shirts, coats, broken ear mugs, washing at inadequate temperatures - discolored t-shirts). Manufacturing errors are very easy to distinguish from non-manufacturing errors, so if the product has these types of errors it is NOT worth returning it without prior consultation.

How do you return a product to us?

  1. IMPORTANT: Fill out the form below!
  2. Pack the product! Also pack the shoe box. Include the original invoice in the package or box (keep a copy of the invoice - make a photo or photocopy it!)
  3. Go to the nearest post office and for small items (t-shirts, keychains) or anything that fits in small or large bubble envelopes post as plain letter package. Choose the cheapest service! We are unable to refund shipping costs.
  4. Return to this address (this should be the recipient): EU Hungary 2600 Vac, Deakvari Fasor 6. (Formula 1 shop)

Once we receive the package and verify its status and reconcile the details as needed, we will send the replacement product or initiate a refund to the bank. You'll receive the amount on your account within two weeks, according to the bank's details.

If you send back shoes, pack the shoe's box!

Please pack your shoe factory box! If you don't pack it, we won't take it and it will go back to you! With a box glued back and forth, we will not be able to sell again, which will harm us. Think about getting your shoe in a torned box ...

This applies to all products that come with a factory box. This does not apply to the plastic bag.

IMPORTANT! If you don't read this, it will be bad ...

  • You can choose any other product when changing, and the difference can be used for shopping or we can send that amount back to you (depending on how much or less your chosen replacement product costs).
  • DO NOT return the gift you received!
  • Be sure to return the product to this address: EU Hungary, 2600 Vac, Deakvari Fasor 6. (Formula 1 shop) – (if you send it to the address on the invoice, no one will take it)
  • We do not take back the package after a phone call! Fill out the form! You must leave a trace of your request.
  • We will only take back original products in factory condition with the undamaged fatory box. A dirty, washed, smelly, torn, broken, crumpled, worn product will NOT be taken back . If you send one, we will send it back to you once you pay the shipping cost. If you don't want the product, you will NEITHER receive a refund!
  • Shoes with dirty, dusty soles will NOT be taken back! If you send back shoes, pack the shoe box! Glued shoe box will NOT be taken back regardless of its content!
  • For a refund service, we will not be able to refund the postage that you have paid to return the product to us. In the event of a replacement, the replacement product will be shipped with a shipping fee depends on your country, which you can pay in advance through our website or PayPal.
  • For the refund service we will send the money back to your credit card or PayPal account. It will arrive within two weeks of product return (counts only the workdays).

Fill out this form before you post the product!

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