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Shopping on OUTLET prices outside the EU (50-60% discounts)

You benefit of 20% extra discount above the sale prices (up to50-60%) to all products if you live outside the EU (European Union).

1. Your shipping address must be outside the EU (European Union)

You can register for these discounts if you live outside the EU and your shipping address is in also outside the EU (European Union). So, if you live in the United States, Brazil, China, India, Australia, Mexico, Africa, Russia, etc. you get the 50-60% outlet prices. Don't miss it! Please notice that we can't manage your country's customs duty.

If you live in the EU and have business VAT number, click here!

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Fill out the form at the end of this page. This is needed to get all the information about the shopping on extra discounts in our Formula 1 store. Also, you can get some extra news about the latest products from your favourite team or driver. You can unsubscribe any time.

3. Create a FansBRANDS account!

After you send the form, you will be redirected to our account creation page, where you can make your personal FansBRANDS account. Only customers with account can be set to shop on outlet prices. Also, you can see the discounts only when you are logged in.

4. We set your account

We check your account's data and if everything is okay, we set your account to the right user group. As it is a manual review, it can take 1 workday, so be patient please! You will get a verification email, when your account is ready to use. If you don't get any email please contact us via

5. Log in and shop on outlet prices!

After you get the manual verification email you can start shopping in our store. If you don'tsee the discounts please log out first andlog in again!

1. step: Fill out this form!

After this form you will be redirected to the account registration page where you can create your personal FansBRANDS account. Only registered customers can apply for their OUTLET DISCOUNTS.