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Let's bring the Formula1 world together


Greetings, dear Formula 1 fan!

I'm Levente Chertes leader and owner of FansBRANDS. My goal is to build an elite Formula1 community - including YOU - on the World. A community which sticks together, regardless of rivalry of teams or pilots, just because they like the very same sport: Formula1.

Let me introduce you the rest of the team, too!!



Levente Chertes


FansBRANDS shop and showroom





Customer service

They will answer you about your orders. Find them on the above phone number, they are looking forward to your inquiries

Chertesné Szöcs Melinda

Sales Manager



Bereczkiné Incze Melinda

Sales Manager



Technical behind

They will indirectly assist you in all technical issues.

They are in the background of Formula 1 campaigns, they always look forward to the ideas for developing webshop;-)

Nyíri Barnabás

Marketing Manager


Jancsovics Tamás 

Project Manager




Official information about our business:

  • Company name: Pit Box Ltd.
  • Billing address: Hungary - 2600 Vác, Vám utca 10.
  • Showroom: Hungary - 2600 Vác, Deákvári fasor 6.
  • Tax registration number (EU) : HU23163885
  • Tax number: 13-09-144768
  • E-mail:
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