Alfa Romeo Merchandise

Returning to Formula 1 in 2019, Alfa Romeo is again present in the Formula 1 history, but this time not with their own engines. In their cars Ferrari engines are working and the driver is nobody else then the former world champion and Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkönnen. This was one of the best solutions for the beginning, since Kimi can do what his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi can not: he brings Alfa Romeo almost every time into the points.


Of course, Italians presented more new Alfa Romeo products, which is a good idea. Considering that Alfa Romeo has a large fan base also and if we add the Kimi fans, they have to serve a very large market in the country an abroad/overseas.

After production problems from the start, FansBRANDS built a stock with the newest Alfa products, too. So, if you are part of the cool Italian community of even have an Alfa Romeo, visit the Alfa Romeo Merchandise at FansBRANDS and choose from the trendiest clothing! Since these products are still rare like a white raven and there is only one manufacturer we developed from the start a tight relationship, it is possible that at the beginning the stock is limited, so the only the fastest ones will get something... Don't be the one who doesn't get anything!