BMW Jacket

The 3 features of the original BMW jacket: elegant, sporty and looks good on you, too. It’s no wonder, since we are talking of the determining brand of motorsports that cannot be represented by products that don’t meet the exigence of the fans. For these reasons, each jacket or vest with BMW Motorsport inscription is known for the most precise joints and maximum quality to the smallest detail.


If you think it’s a little inappropriate, you might be right. At the same time, we prepared for comeback and we do everything to satisfy the hunger of BMW fans. For these reasons we procure each year the available BMW jacket and vest collection.

Our meaning is that you cannot prepare too soon for cold weather so order as fast as you can, so if the size does’n’t fit we can change it in time. But, attention: the size can be sold out within one day during season! Of course we are warning you in vain because usually everybody thinks at this in the last second. But by then it’s sure that there will be no more ;-)

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