Kimi Raikönnen cap

Congratulations! You found the first answer to the question "How can I be a Kimi fan?". With a Kimi cap you can join immediately the Iceman fan community. We have to mention that speaking of the favourite driver in Hungary, almost every cap is in the our warehouse of FansBRANDS.


Luckily, the manufacturers usually think on providing the market with more styles, so you can choose between flat or curved brim caps. Surely, the number 7 of the driver will not miss and with some hidden trick the Finnish flag is concealed somewhere too to emphasize the membership...

Kimi has been with numerous Formula 1 teams and is no rookie with his birth year 1979. For this reason, we sometimes receive an old Kimi cap from Lotus or Ferrari time, which collectors buy immediately. If you are in the same shoes (caps), it’s worth saving this page or sign up to our newsletter because we send messages on new limited edition items...

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