Gift for your order

At FansBRANDS, no one can be left without some Formula 1 gift.

FansBRANDS gives you the opportunity to choose a Formula 1 gift for your ordered product. Depends on the value of your order you could choose 3 different gift packages:

The gifts can be choosen on the CART PAGE. Add the product to the card and check it out yourself!

For order over 5€:
Formula 1 race calendar gift
Choose from the more than 10 different Formula 1 race calendars, your favourite driver or team on it! The gift value is 6€ but now you get it for FREE.
For order over 100€:
Formula 1 race calendar and FansBRANDS lanyard gift package
You get the FansBRANDS unique lanyard-keyring with the race calendar. The gift package value is 16€ but now you can get it for FREE.
For order over 150€:
Formula 1 race calendar, FansBRANDS lanyard and FansBRANDS sunglasses gift package
Yout the the unique FansBRANDS sunglasses wit the race calendar and the lanyard. The gift package value is 33€, but you can get it for FREE.