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Gift for your order

At FansBRANDS, no one can be left without some Formula 1 gift.


At FansBRANDS, you have the option to choose a gift in addition to your order. You can choose from 5 different gifts according to the value of your order.

You can select the gifts on the cart page. Put the product in the cart, go to the cart page and see for yourself ;-)

For any order:
You can choose a FansBRANDS unique lanyard-keyring. The gift value is 8€ but now you can get it for FREE.
For order over 110€:
From the cart value of 110€ you can choose the unique FansBRANDS sunglasses. Its value is 14€, but you can get it for FREE.
For order over 125€:
Ferrari cars are now a gift next to your order! There are several models that are just waiting for you to collect them. Do you already have them all? (1:64 size)
For order over 135€:
Do you order more? Then you can choose a larger Ferrari car as a gift. Isn't that fair? (1:43 size)
For order over 180€:
As we are a Formula 1 store, of course you can also get a Formula 1 car as a gift. You don’t even have to add so much: a pair of shoes, a cap and a T-shirt and you can have one of the super F1 model cars.