Gifts with each and every order

Here at FansBRANDS, we leave no customer without a gift. We prepare something new every year.


At FansBRANDS, you have the option to choose a gift with your order. You can choose from 6 different types of gifts depending on your order. You can select your gifts from the Cart page. Place your products in the cart, go to the Cart page and see for yourself (not all gifts are always in stock. If you can’t choose anything, contact us and we’ll work something out)!

Regardless of value
Original FansBRANDS lanyards, which you can use as ticket holders at F1 races. Thanks to its modular design, it also works as a simple keychain.
For orders above 100€
Formula 1 fan masks in the colours and with the number of your favourite pilot. A must-have for all fans.
For orders above 110€
You can have the original FansBRANDS sunglasses, available in two colours. Be more unique than other F1 fans with the limited-edition FB sunglasses!
For orders above 125€
Ferrari model cars now as gifts with your order! Several models just waiting for you to collect them. Do you have them all? (1:64 scale)
For orders above 135€
Are you placing a bigger order? Then you can choose a bigger Ferrari car as a gift. That’s what’s fair, isn’t it? (1:43 scale)
For orders above 180€
Since we’re a Formula 1 store, then naturally, you can get Formula 1 cars as gifts. You don’t even need that much to do so: a pair of shoes, a hat and a t-shirt, and you can have one of our super F1 model cars.

Exclusive gifts for VIP Members

Only for hungarian orders! We keep extra gifts for our VIP Members in our store. The unique and elegant FansBRANDS coffee and tea set is reserved exclusively for our premium clients. Click here if you would like the VIP extras!

For orders above 85.000 HUF
Exclusively for VIP Members! A real, exclusive espresso coffee set for two. This was made for customers who are true Formula 1 fans and are also lovers of coffee :)
For orders above 95.000 HUF
Exclusively for VIP Members! You can also get a racing mug one size bigger as a gift. This will easily hold a cappuccino, or even some delicious tea. Designed for 2 people, of course.