Ferrari Gloves

It's time to prepare for cold weather. The good news is that the Ferrari fashion doesn't stop in winter and we prepared some beautiful Ferrari gloves to you. Are your hands cold? Is the steering wheel cold when you get into your car in winter? Would it be nice not to have cold hands when skating or skiing? These issues are solved with the proven invention: gloves.

Ferrari gloves offer you much more than that: a feeling that can accompany you all the time; it is a pleasure to put them on and wear them. Even if somebody is not a huge Ferrari fan, the design is so good that probably the team members wear them stealthily... :-)

With Ferrari gloves you can use your mobile phone too, you don't have to take them down. It is Ferrari red or black or elegant – it is your choice. (choose both and make a gift to someone beloved). We don't even have to mention that it is one of the best Christmas gifts, but by then the stock will be out of stock...

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