Puma Ferrari Jacket

You can count on your favourite team in cold weather too, since Ferrari follows since years the jacket trend, too. For men, women, red, black, team or general, you will find you personal Ferrari jacket too. Yes, you've seen right: each year there is a team version, too. Scuderia Ferrari team members and the drivers wear them on cold weather.

We do have to explain a little on them, since it is not always obvious which model is recommended for which weather: if you see "bomber jacket" – it is for fall-spring, it is not always waterproof and it is sporty and elegant at the same time "Softshell" is better insulated an dis better against water and is the perfect partner for winter sports, too. "Wind jacket" is probably clear to everybody – is for transition weather. If you are looking for a warm winter jacket, you have to look for the words „insulated” and „for winter”.

Concerning materials, zippers and sizes please see the description or ask us via email!

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