Shipping informations

2-5 days shipping worldwide!

Shipping destination - where do we ship?

At FansBRANDS, you can ask your package anywhere in the world. With the help of GLS and DHL, all countries and places are accessible. It doesn't matter if it's Europe, Africa, America or Australia, etc. They will find you.

Shipping costs

Shipping cost depends on your shipping address. Prices range from 13€ to 56€. To be sure check the cost on the checkout page after you choose your country.

Shipping time

The delivery time of your order greatly depends on the product's stock status:

  • In stock - shipping time can be 2-5 workdays. The product is available in our Formula 1 showroom in Hungary. We can process your order immidiately and post the package in a day.
  • Available for order - shipping time can be 10-25 workdays. The product is only available from the manufacturer so the it takes longer to arrive to us and be shipped to you.
  • Pre-order - Unknown shipping time. Preorderable products are not yet manufactured, so it depens on the manufacturer when it will be ready and when arrive to us. If you order this kind of product, it will be save for you. The design may vary slightly relative to the given image.
  • Out of stock -This product is out of stock and will probably not be available anymore. Unfortunately you have missed it.

Holidays and non-working days

These days you have to count on a completely unique shipping time. It depends on the courier when do they work. You can always check your tracking number.

Shipping methods

You can choose from the following shipping options:

GLS - General Logistics Systems

In Europe your order will be delivered to you by the GLS courier service.

  • You get the shipping details via email. If you would like to change the place or time of the delivery, you can speak directly to the courier on the phone number you have received in email.

DHL Express Shipping service

If you make an order outside Europe, DHL courier service will deliver it to you.

  • You get the details via email.
  • Shipping cost depends on weight, package size and country. Inquire via email to be sure about everything!

Frequently asked questions about shipping

I have ordered several products, some are in stock and some are available for order. What happens then?

In this case, we will notify you of the availability and arrival of the products. You can decide to ship the package when we have all the items your ordered or send which are in stock as soon as possible, and the others when we receive them from the manufacturer.

I am placing my order now because I would like to book the products but I will only ask for shipping later. Is it possible?

Of course we send the package when it suits to you. Simply add the day you would like to receive your order to the order note at the checkout page and we will try to calculate the date we should post it. Unfortunately the courier service will be the boss in this case so the best if you contact with them.

Is there delivery on weekends and public holidays?

Shipping and delivery only works on business days. If you order on the weekend, we will process it on Monday and delivered on that week. On weekends it is possible to have a personal pickup in our showroom or at several Formula 1 Grand Prix in Europe.

GLS csomagponton tudok bankkártyával fizetni?

Sajnos ezt csak az adott átvevőhelyen tudják megmondani. Ajánlom a weboldalunkon lévő kártyás fizetési lehetőséget.

Can I unpack the package before I take over it up from the courier?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If you think the box is damaged or you just want to be sure, take a video while opening the package: if something is missing or broken, you must somehow prove that the product was lost or damaged during shipment.