FansBRANDS size-guides

We will help you choose the right size so you won't have to return the product because of incorrect size. Take some time and check our the tables! If you are not sure about the size, you can even contact us by email and we will help you choose the right one!

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Men's suit size chart

Most of the products in our store fall into this category. EU and US sizes are also listed, but the main measure unit is 'CM'as you can measure this for yourself. Or you measure one of your current garments and compare it with the values in the table.

Men's suit size chart - FansBRANDS

Women's dress size chart

Of course, we also thought of the ladies, as there are also plenty of women’s Formula 1 clothes in our stock. In general, PUMA dimensions are the same everywhere, but you should do a 'CM' check if you want to be sure.

Women's dress size chart - FansBRANDS

Kids dress size chart

We also made a size chart for the smallest member of the family, as we also have a lot of kids F1 products, thereby thinking also about the youngest Formula 1 fans.

Kids dress size chart - FansBRANDS

Caps' size chart

Formula 1 caps are a significant part of our webshop, as real fans can’t miss out on their wardrobe! It has kids and adult sizes, adjustable, flexible, multiple size, one size. We tried to clearly indicate as much details as possible. For further information, please contact us!

Caps size chart - FansBRANDS

Shoes' size chart

Perhaps one of the most important tables is about shoes. Without a try-on, it’s a little difficult to order shoes online, but luckily, we can help with that now as well. We also give the INTERIOR LENGTH in centimetres, so all you have to do is to measure your feet and there is a better chance that the size will be perfect. Which shoes may be narrowed and it is worth ordering a larger one will be indicated separately for shoes.

Shoes size chart - FansBRANDS